Hurricane Program

Hurricane Program

North Myrtle Beach RV Resort and Dry Dock Hurricane Storage Plan (the Plan) is designed to help local boaters arrange for the care of their vessels in advance of a hurricane. The Plan provides boaters with haul-out and storage services in the event a named storm makes landfall for the Grand Strand area. (Assuming that the storm would likely have an adverse impact on boats left in the water.) The Plan is available to all Boaters. Space is limited. Boat lengths up to 35ft and 22,000 lbs, confirmation of boat size may be required. There is NO LIMIT to number of storms. The Plan is effective with a Hurricane warning issued in Horry County by the National Weather Service and boats may be hauled out at that time.


Plan Fees

  • Annual calendar year contract.                  (January–December)
    • $550.00 per year – Payment made      January–April or November–December
    • $750.00 per year – Payment made            May-October
    • $200.00 of contract price can be used towards a full annual service if converted.
  • Service must be done in the months of January–March or September–December. Membership in the Plan provides you a space (in accordance with the License Agreement).
  • A $100.00 additional charge applies if NMB RV Resort personnel are required to secure the top side of your vessel. All rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, haul-outs are not guaranteed. Some events that may prevent haul out are, but are not limited to:
    • Equipment failure of the lift(s)
    • Injury to critical personnel operating the lifts
    • Reduced preparation time due to the arrival of a fast moving storm
    • Failure of the Member/Owner to provide needed information regarding the vessel.

Responsibilities of the Hurricane Club Member:

  • Sign the License Agreement.
  • Adhere to all terms, conditions, rules, regulations of the marina rules and the License Agreement.
  • Be responsible for providing accurate contact information and keeping it updated at all times, including the contact information on the person responsible for delivering the vessel for haul-out.
  • Delivering the vessel for haul-out according to the re-launch schedule. During a Hurricane Alert TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. When NMB RV Resort declares a hurricane alert, members will given a time to have the vessel at the marina and ready for haul-out. Vessel must be delivered at that time, or the member will may forfeit that time and must wait until all other vessels in the plan are hauled. This could result in a member’s vessel not being hauled.
  • Complete and sign the marina’s standard haul-out work order form.
  • Secure or remove all rigging, equipment, and accessories on the owned vessel or agree to allow the marina staff to do the same for the stated fee.
  • As electrical service is not provided as part of this agreement Owners should empty refrigerators, freezers, etc. of all perishables.
  • Arrange for vessel pickup according to the      re-launch schedule.

Responsibility of the Marina:

Prepare facility for hurricane haul-out and storage.

Make storage space available.

Notify the Plan Members of a Hurricane Alert using provided contact information.

Establish the haul-out schedule.

Revise haul-out schedule if customers do not deliver vessel when scheduled. Report such schedule changes to the office for customer contact.

Inspect all stored boats and initiate activities to secure rigging, equipment, and/or accessories prior to the storm. Report this work to the office with vessel name for billing purposes.

Notify impacted members of any issues with or cessation of haul-out activities.

Marina post-storm in the event of damage to the facility. Establish access control procedures for authorized government agencies, boaters, their insurance agents, and authorized contractors for repair and/or salvage activities.

Any damage to stored boats of Plan members as soon as practical upon return to the marina after the storm. Take reasonable and prudent measures to prevent further damage.

A re-launch schedule and re-launch vessels subject to the schedule. Plan vessels may be placed in alternative locations in order to allow the marina to free up storage space in order to facilitate salvage operations, repair the facility, or return to normal operation. Vessels that are not removed according to the re-launch schedule may be placed in wet slips or dry storage and additional fees apply. The re-launch schedule using the contact information provided.