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All times and activities are subject to change without notice


If you want to host a party, or just ride the wave with your friends, we have private lessons and time rental available. 

The Flowrider is included in your nightly rental for less than 30 days. 

More than 28 days (monthly) rentals may enjoy the Flowrider for $45 per day.

Boaters may enjoy the FlowRider for $45 per day.  

rental time



For private parties, up to 8 people

Hours 8am-10am

1 operator

Private Lessons



4-8 People required

Learn how to ride standing up

1 operator

hours of operation

open ride

Beginner / Knee riding 10 AM -12 PM

Standing Ride 2PM-3 PM

Beginner / Knee Riding 3 PM - 5 PM