Hurricane Overview

The North Myrtle Beach RV Resort and Dry Dock Marina Hurricane Storage Plan is designed to help local boaters arrange for the care of their vessels in advance of a hurricane. The Plan provides boaters with haul-out and storage services in the event a named storm makes landfall for Grand Strand area. (Assuming that the storm would likely have an adverse impact on boats left in the water.) This is available to all boaters. Space is limited as boats will be stored inside the barn. Boat lengths up to 40ft and 20,000 lbs, confirmation of boat size may be required. There is NO LIMIT to the number of storms. The Plan is effective with Hurricane warning issued by the National Weather Service and boats may be hauled out at that time.

Plan Fees

  • Annual calendar year contract. (January–December) $500.00 per year in advance (sign up in the summer) If your contract is not on file prior to the named storm or start of the season, $750.00 per year will be the fee. Sign up today!!
    $200.00 of contract price can be used towards a full-service Contract if desired.

Service must be done in the months of January–March or September–December. Membership in the Plan provides you a space (in accordance with the License Agreement).

A $100.00 additional charge applies if Boathouse personnel are required to secure the top side of your vessel. All rates are subject to change without notice.

Download the Hurricane Storage Agreement Here